Ethanol must be appropriately and safely stored to ensure product purity is maintained and to negate any risks associated with the volatile liquid. We also understand that some of our customers have limited storage for flammable products at their premises and we have made provisions to solve this problem.


Regular deliveries: If your flammable storage capacity is limited we will work with you to ensure regular deliveries to keep your production line moving.


Storage Tanks: We use only stainless steel storage tanks and piping as well as flame proof stainless steel pumps.  This is to ensure zero contamination of your ethanol.


User of ethanol: Ethanol should be stored in a flammable storage area that is bunded and well ventilated with appropriate flame-proof lighting and self closing doors. The doors need to be of a suitable fire proof material. Please consult your local fire department for further local regulations and assistance.


We are here to help. Let us advise you on how to store ethanol safely. Talk to us about your unique requirements and we’ll do our best to solve them.