The safety of our staff and customers is very important to us.  We observe strict safety controls at our sites and advise customers on how to handle, store and use ethanol safely.


Ethanol is a flammable liquid whose vapours can form ignitable and explosive mixtures with air at normal room temperatures. An aqueous mixture containing 30% ethanol can produce a flammable mixture of vapour and air at 29C, and even one containing only 5% alcohol can produce a flammable mixture at 62C.


Important Safety Information:

Un no 1170

Flammable liquid class 3

Flash point : 120C - 160C

Flammability : 3, 3 – 19% v/v

Auto-flammability : 363C

Explosive properties : Vapours can form explosive mixtures with air. All sources of ignition or static must be excluded.


Transport of Ethanol: Ethanol can only be transported on a hazardous material registered vehicle that is licensed to carry flammable liquids. The vehicle must be equipped with fire extinguishers and must be appropriately labeled. The driver of the vehicle must have the MSDS ( Material safety data sheet) with him at all times. All our vehicles are appropriately equipped and licensed and our drivers and staff have been trained to carry flammable goods safely.


Storage of Ethanol: See Storage


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