Enterprise Ethanol Quality Policy

Our Promise To You

Enterprise Ethanol is a leading supplier of Pure Ethanol and is used within the South African market.

We value and nurture our client relationships

We supply our product throughout the South African region. We have our products tested at a laboratory to ensure
product quality and purity is always maintained.

To achieve our objective, Enterprise Ethanol’s policy is to maintain our ISO 9001 certification.

Enterprise Ethanol has adopted the following strategic objectives in line with our vision:

Be the preferred distributor of Pure Ethanol:

● We need to understand and anticipate current and future client needs
● Endeavour to meet and even exceed client expectations

Be the preferred Employer:

● Ensure an environment in which all employees are actively pursuing Enterprise Ethanol’s objectives
● Employees shall be encouraged to use their abilities rigorously to the benefit of the company

Be the preferred Investment:

● Ensure commitment for the continual improvement of the company’s overall performance and targets
● Strive towards mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors.