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Petronol is a Premium Ethanol Additive for Your Vehicle or Race Car

Petronol is our in-house creation. A calculated ethanol blend that will bring you the best results from your vehicle.



Petrol Vehicle Additive  ·   Easy To Use   ·   Open To The Public

Petronol E100

Premium Race Fuel Additive

Petronol E98

Fuel Grade Additive

Ethanol is most often used as a biofuel additive for fuel within the USA, Brazil and Europe. Nowdays, most petrol cars can run on a blend of petrol and 10% ethanol. Some vehicles have even been modified in order to run 100% ethanol.

There are conflicting opinions regarding the fuel efficiency of ethanol. However, due to ethanol having a higher octane rating than petrol, it is claimed that ethanol can make an engine more efficient by raising its compression ratio. Ethanol is considered a high performance fuel as opposed to a fuel for economy purposes.

Ethanol is a particulate-free burning source in comparison to unleaded fuel. It forms carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water and aldehydes upon combustion with oxygen.

Always make sure that your engine is checked and maintained and that you are using an ethanol fuel ratio that is safe for your vehicle.


Is it true that a vehicle shouldn’t stand too long with an ethanol fuel additive in it without running?

Yes, ethanol attracts water, and this can cause engine issues, so the ethanol must not be left to stand in the vehicle for a long period of time.

Can older vehicles have challenges with ethanol additives?

Yes, older pipes can leak due to degradation and may not compensate for the fuel air ratio due to the higher oxygen content within the ethanol. Most newer cars have been manufactured to deal with this.

Can ethanol cause damage to my engine?

Damage can be caused to your engine if you are using ethanol in a ratio higher than your vehicle manufacturer suggests or if you have not modified your vehicle accordingly. Additionally, it is important that you check and maintain your vehicle to prevent damage.