Managed Tanker

On-site tanker for uninterrupted supply


Managed Tank Solutions

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Enterprise Ethanol has solutions for small to large volumes of ethanol. We encourage bulk deliveries for larger customers due to the safety aspect related to drum handling and are able to either manage your already installed tank, or, along with our project team, assess your site for the feasibility of installing a managed tank. Please contact us whether this is something that would interest you.

Our tanks are installed with collaboration of the fire department within your municipality to ensure safety on your site. A managed tank means that you have ethanol on site when you need it without the waiting times associated with standard deliveries. You will receive notifications relating to the volume of ethanol within your tank regularly.


– Enclosed tank installed on site, ready for connecting directly into your production line.
– Regular notifications regarding ethanol volume.
– Ethanol delivery via tanker trailer to your site.
– A solution specifically for your business to suit your requirements – based on an SLA with minimum monthly volumes
– Consultation with experts within the tanker industry during pre-mobilisation and during installation

Tank sizes:
            – 12000L
            – 32000L
            – 64000L


What are the advantages of a Managed Tank?

– Less waste relating to packaging
– Less risk of contamination due to re-use of drums
– Electronic notifications regarding your ethanol level
– Efficiency for planning orders to ensure ethanol is always available for production

What bulk volumes are required for a Managed Tank?

– A minimum of 5000L

Do Managed Tanks only apply to pure ethanol purchases?

– No, we are able to supply any of our ethanol variants in tankers

What do we require to have a Managed Tank on site?

– Our Project Team is required to assess your site to verify whether it meets certain safety and legislative requirements. Kindly contact us to set up an appointment.
– Site plan
– ERF details for municipality
– Compressed air