The ultimate How-To guide to making perfume

From the Ancient Egyptians to the tales told from religions, humans have always wanted to enhance their scent, emulating the smells of nature. Not only does Perfume, or "fragrance of the gods," have an intimate history with mankind, but it is also a global market that is projected to reach US$92 billion by the year 2024.

This comprehensive eBook is designed to suit anyone looking for detailed information on how to create perfume, or more facts and insights into the perfumer’s world. Packed with relevant business information and helpful how-to’s, this guide will assist anyone wanting to:

  1. Start a Perfume Business
  2. Learn how Perfume is made
  3. Learn how to formulate your own fragrances and scents
  4. Learn what ingredients perfumes are crafted from
  5. Learn how to create a homemade perfume
  6. Learn about the history of perfume

Anyone with the slightest interest in fragrances or perfumery can create a signature scent. Not only will you learn how to master the art of creating perfume, but the lessons learnt can be applied to a range of scented crafts; including room diffusers, cosmetics, and advanced perfumery.

This fascinating craft will push you to explore new senses and sensations, and the satisfaction of blending your ideas to perfume perfection makes this a rewarding interest! Download to discover!

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