Heating Ethanol

Fully denatured fireplace fuel



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Bio Ethanol

Fully denatured fireplace fuel

Bio Ethanol fireplaces are used both for heating and for decoration. They are often installed without a chimney. The central part of the fireplace is the burner, which contains the fuel.

Care must be taken with these fireplaces as the ethanol is highly flammable and there is the potential of burns. Care must especially be taken when refilling or lighting the fireplace and safety instructions must be followed at all times.

Emissions include carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide and these are released into the room. Indoor air quality can been enhanced through ventilation. Ethanol may generate odours, dependent on the quality of the burning ethanol used. Care should be taken to use a higher quality ethanol.


Are ethanol fireplaces warm?

Ethanol flames provide instant heat, but heat is also quickly dissipated once the fireplace is done burning.

Do ethanol fireplaces smell?

The fumes from ethanol is what burns, so the scent will be from the fumes that escape the flames. Purity of ethanol affects the scent and higher quality has a much cleaner burn, lower quality ethanol, such as feints may produce a stronger odour.