Fragrasol 955

Standard Perfume Solvent Formula
Fully denatured spirit

Our Fragrasol 955 is manufactured from renewable sugarcane ethanol. It caters to the commercial sector, offering a unique fully denatured product that still maintains a high alcohol purity, ensuring quality application. It has additives in it in order to enhance its longevity on the skin.

  • No license required to purchase
  • Made from renewable sugarcane ethanol
  • Additives to prolong the perfume scent
  • Catered for all perfumers, both experienced and first time buyers
  • Ease of use for manufacturing – simply add scent oil

Available Sizes:

1 Litre
5 Litre
25 Litre
250 Litre

Usage Instructions:

To be used directly for mixing with perfume oils in the desired ratio.


Product can be used in the following industry