South Africa

Undenatured Ethanol :The sale of ethanol in the South Africa is regulated and customers wishing to purchase pure ethanol (undenatured) are required to be licensed by the South African Revenue Service. A rebate user license is required if customers are using the ethanol in non liquor products. Customers wishing to use the ethanol for the manufacture of alcoholic beverages are not qualified for a rebate and will need to pay the full duty on potable alcoholic beverages to SARS. Fully denatured

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We ensure the sale of ethanol to licensed ethanol is done according to the process set out by SARS and that all paperwork is correctly handled and stored.

Denatured Ethanol: A denaturant is added to the ethanol to discourage human consumption and thereby proving, by chemical means, that the product is not being used in the manufacture of potable alcoholic beverages. We are experts at denaturing ethanol to render it unfit for human consumption but suitable for your specific application. This negates having to be licenced but gives customers access high purity ethanol for use in their formulations.

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We denature ethanol for your specific applications. Get in touch and tell us your needs.


Export customers will need to ensure compliance of local regulations. Product can be denatured to suit destination markets. We will ensure correct loading documents and specification to ensure smooth clearing at destination port.

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Please contact us with your unique local requirements and we will endeavour to solve them.