Perfumer's Alcohol

Perfumer's Alcohol

5 Things you should know about Perfume Alcohol

Perfumer’s alcohol is an essential base for any perfumer. As the most popular and ideal of all perfume bases, perfumer’s alcohol is the perfect carrier for perfume oils. The alcohol allows the fragrances to be used in a variety of diverse applications, slowly evaporating to carry the scent away from the source and allowing it to linger and last.

Top 5 Need-to-Know Facts about Perfumer's Alcohol

Perfumer’s Alcohol is the best solvent for creating perfume. A solvent is a liquid that can dissolve a substance into a solution. Perfume oil is the root ingredient of all perfumes and needs to be dissolved into solvent to form a liquid that is easily applied to the body. Alcohol is the ideal solvent for perfume oil as it evaporates quickly once applied and has little negative impact on the smell of the perfume.



Perfumers alcohol is denatured alcohol specifically for use formulating perfumes. Alcohol is a great carrier of perfume compounds and evaporates quickly once applied to the skin. This is associated with a cooling sensation, and the desired perfume remains on the skin once all the alcohol has evaporated.

Perfumer’s alcohol has specific fixatives and additives that greatly enhance the quality of a perfume. UV absorbents assist in stabilising the fragrance and prevent it from discolouring, whilst fixatives promote a long-lasting product and a prolonged scent.



Perfumer’s alcohol is generally denatured alcohol. Denatured alcohol is pure alcohol that has been denatured - or made unfit for human consumption, such as drinking. It is vital that within the process of denaturing alcohol that the purity of the ethanol is not affected too drastically, as it may affect the fragrance.

By using denatured alcohol, perfume manufacturers are exempt from paying taxes and duties normally associated with beverage alcohols.

Perfumer’s alcohol is versatile and can be used for creating Perfume, Eau de Parfume, Eau de Toilette, Cologne, Eau de Cologne, Room Diffusers and Air Fresheners! Get in touch with our experienced team members, and they will assist you in acquiring the right perfume alcohol for your product!



Perfumer's Alcohol
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Perfumer's Alcohol
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