About Enterprise Ethanol

What We Do and What We Believe In

We provide high purity ethanol products along with innovative ethanol management and compliance solutions, to businesses and consumers across Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • We are the new kid on the block
  • Having an innovative and flexible approach to the needs of our customers we are able to act quickly. We work to improve and adapt to the requirements of the market. We strive to learn from the old and improve wherever possible. We’re always learning and moving forward.
  • In house laboratory
  • Short turnaround time on laboratory results on specific tests for clients. Assurance of quality product.
  • We are ISO accredited
  • Sell volumes from 1L to tanker sizes
  • We have Managed Tank Solutions:

Our Mission

We aim to satisfy the needs of our customers as well as our investors by providing high purity ethanol products along with innovative ethanol management and legislative compliance understanding, to businesses and consumers across Sub-Saharan Africa and will continue to do this to the best of our abilities, ensuring that we remain a world class supplier.


At the core of our business is an obsession for a pure product. From perfumers to pharmaceutical manufacturers we have many satisfied manufacturing customers who use our ethanol in their products every day. We have full batch tractability with a certificate of analysis and retention samples kept.


We are based in South Africa and deliver to all major cities with warehouses in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. Standard drummed stock can be arranged for delivery as well as bulk product by road tanker. We export containerized, drummed product globally from the port of Durban.


The sale of ethanol is highly regulated the world over and we ensure our customers benefit from our extensive knowledge of the regulations. Our customers can rely on us to ensure compliance with local regulations pertaining to the sale of ethanol. 


We pack ethanol into UN approved plastic drums ranging from 1, 5, 25, 250 and 1000 litre containers as per customer requirements. Our packaging is clearly labelled according to GHS packaging codes to ensure maximum safety. 


Benefit from our scale and efficient business model. We sell from  1 litre to larger bulk volumes.


We supply ethanol to a wide range of customers from big to small, from 1 litre pack sizes to a 45 000-litre road tanker. Peace of mind in supply means that your company can focus on manufacturing while we focus on ensuring that you always have quality ethanol when you need it.


We store our product in stainless steel bulk tanks at our drumming station in Johannesburg and can store drummed standard product for customers in Cape Town and Durban at our hazchem warehouses.


We have the flexibility and know-how to provide the right grade of ethanol for your product. We appropriately denature ethanol for your specific application in line with local excise rules.


Due to the volatile nature of ethanol we observe strict safety controls at our sites and advise customers on how to handle, store and use ethanol safely.


We have ISO 9001:2015 certification for our production facility.